August 13, 2020

5 Reasons To Get Back In The Gym

On the fence about whether or not you should return to the gym? Here are 5 great reasons to help you make the decision to return!


1. Enjoy all the space you need to move
It might have been an exciting adventure to find space to work out in your apartment, town house or single-family home, but you’re ready to enjoy the open, intentionally arranged, safe space the club offers.  And let’s face it – that pull up bar in your door frame can only do so much for you. You’ve missed the variety of machines and equipment at the club!  


2. Variety is the spice of life
Speaking of equipment, while you might have been lucky enough to purchase some kettlebells or a bench for your house, you need more tools in your toolbox to keep your workouts balanced and varied to continue seeing results. The club has a variety of equipment to help you achieve all your training goals, and this equipment is frequently disinfected throughout the day. 


3. Fitness Professionals are here to keep you safe
While your dog is cute and might like to share your Yoga mat, she can’t tell you if your Downward Facing Dog is correct and safe, and neither can that bendy lady on YouTube. Your Zoom instructor may be able to see you and give some cues, Zoom isn’t always reliable if you or the Zoom platform are having connectivity issues (technology is great, but sometimes it isn’t). Our Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors in the club can guide you through your workouts in real-time, keeping you safe and getting the most out of your workouts.  



4. Accountability is key
Studies show that working out at home starts off strong with most people working out 3-4 times a week, which is awesome! But unless your partner, your five-year-old, or your cat are truly motivating to you, the frequency of your home workouts will fizzle down to almost none at a rapid pace. It’s easy to skip a workout at home with no one to hold you accountable. And let’s be honest…your couch does look pretty comfy!


5. A workout buddy is the one gym feature that’s irreplaceable
What do you miss most about pre-pandemic gym life? Most likely, the community and gym family that you’ve come to know and love. The camaraderie of pushing through challenging exercises together can boost motivation and performance. This is difficult to replicate in even the best-designed Zoom class – while you may see others on screen working with you, you’re still in your own space. “It’s so nice to have the energy of someone else around you, even if you’re doing completely different workouts. I think that’s what people are missing right now.” According to the experts, there’s nothing that comes close to an old-fashioned, live face-to-face workout session. 


*Sourced from Inside




Article contributed by Gina Adrover

Gina Adrover is certified through AFAA, Gina has been teaching Group Fitness for over 20 years! Living by the motto “Work hard and be nice,” she deeply loves her 13-year-old son, is mildly obsessed with musical theatre, and bakes killer chocolate chip cookies.

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