June 2, 2023

3 Reasons Why You Should Become a Group Fitness Instructor

You love the energetic atmosphere of Group Fitness classes, and you take classes (almost) every day.

You may have wondered what it's like to be the one leading the workout (and talking effortlessly during all. Those. BURPEES!) but you may think that being a participant is where you're supposed to be.

We're here to tell you: YOU can be the person on stage inspiring more people to move better and become stronger.

Here are 3 reasons why you should go from taking a class to leading the pack:


1. You can help others lead a healthier lifestyle

Group Fitness Instructors are trained to provide participants with safe, effective workouts that are also inspiring. Instructors are there to role model technique and form, and to provide participants with adaptations that meet their specific needs. Through thoughtful sequencing and instruction, instructors are helping participants move better and inspiring them to make healthier choices.



2. You can share your passion for fitness with others

Class participants are already interested in fitness -- otherwise, they wouldn't be in class! While they may be interested in fitness, they may not know much about it or know what may be best for them and their health goals. As a Group Fitness Instructor, you can share your passion for health and fitness with like-minded people and provide knowledge that will enhance their workout experience with you. 

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3. Have fun doing what you love

You read that right: you CAN do what you love! Enjoying what you do can make an even bigger impact on others. When class participants see and feel your joy while teaching, they too will experience joy during class.

Ready to start your instructor journey? Contact Stefanie Bragdon, Regional Director of Group Fitness, for more information!

Article contributed by Lauren Rinker

Lauren Rinker is the Group Fitness Manager at Virginia Center Commons and teaches a variety of classes, including POWER®, CORE®, BLAST®, Yoga, and Fusion small group and team training. She started her Group Fitness career in 2012 after her childhood dream of being a storm chaser didn’t work out due to the immense fear of tornados, and accredits Group Fitness for transforming her life. She loves how Group Fitness and Social Media share the same impact of making and maintaining meaningful connections between people . When she’s not teaching or taking pictures for the VCC Facebook page, you can find her working out, reading, checking off her To-Do lists, drinking coffee, or eating her favorite foods. A self-proclaimed cat lady and night owl, Lauren loves to recharge in the evenings by watching Netflix with her two Instagram-famous cats.

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