March 23, 2022

Lifestyle Tips to Decrease Stress and Anxiety

The bad news is, stress will make its way into your life (a lot). But the good news is, we have some tips to help you manage and alleviate symptoms of stress!


Avoid restricting calorie intake. Often being restrictive with food intake or not taking in enough calories can lead to binging or overeating. During stressful times, it is even more critical to avoid restrictive eating. Research continues to show that restrictive diets are ineffective for long-term weight loss and can harm overall physical and mental health.

Keep a food and mood journal. Record what you are eating and also how you are feeling. By identifying emotional triggers, you can help reduce binge eating.

Slow down and practice mindful eating. Mindful eating can help you feel fuller longer and decrease cravings.

Drink more water. Being dehydrated not only impacts energy and hunger but can also lead to mood alterations. If you feel uninspired with plain water, try adding a few slices of fresh fruit to boost its flavor!

Work it out. It’s no secret that exercise is a natural way to combat stress and reduce anxiety. If you are feeling stuck or in a rut, start by taking a walk outside. Then make your way into your closest American Family Fitness for a workout with us!

Sit back and breathe. The simple act of stepping back to take a few deep breaths can help clear your mind and reduce feelings of anxiousness. By creating a habit to practice deep breathing more frequently, you will make better decisions regarding food and how you practice self-care. Find some helpful breathing techniques designed to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety here! 

Article contributed by amfamfit

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